Plymouth Live Music

Welcome to Plymouth Live Music. A website born out of a facebook group Past Plymouth Bands & Venues. The aim of the site is to provide a one stop site, whether you’re a band looking for a gig, or a venue looking for a band, a fan wanting more info on a band you saw, a place to reminisce about bands and venues of                          the past, looking for rehersal space, studios & producers, PA  services,                                                                 lighting services, instruments, in fact all things musical.
                           The site is by no means complete yet and is a work in progress. It is not a full time job,
                            but currently a way of keeping my sanity whilst stuck at home waiting to return
                                  to work. The idea had been bubbling away for a while now and it seemed like
                                  the perfect time to try it out. The idea of the gig guide is that bands and venues will
                    use it, the site is just providing the option and will not be making any entries. So if you'd
               like access to use the calendar, or if you'd like including on the site or removing! please use

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